So, I took the Jeopardy Online test on Tuesday. As usual it was seriously hard. And once again I was able to tape it and get the questions. I was unable to make out a couple of words from my video, but I got about 99% of what was there. And if you're interested in seeing how you would have done, check under the cut. Comments will be screened, don't use google or anything, and you get 15 seconds for each question when you take it, so try to keep to that limit.

50 questions, 15 seconds per question... GO!Collapse )

Oh, and if you're curious as to how I did...Collapse )

"Who the hell are you?" "IT'S BLUM, YOU BASTARDS!"

So AUSA was this weekend. I'd stated that I was refusing the idea of it being any less than awesome, and that, in fact, I was going to DEMAND awesome.

I need to demand more often, apparently, because my weekend ruled. More like conquered overwhelmingly.

Thursday: Food, Room, Tits, And GreetingsCollapse )

Friday: The Work Begins, The Hopeless Return, A Surprise Guest, Impressive Ethic, and How To Get To Drink With GuestsCollapse )

Saturday: Back In Blaine, Subbing For Steve, A Message For Jet, Epic Bar Time, The Amazing Rave, The Finger Of Beckoning, and Girls Who Can DanceCollapse )

Sunday: Goodbyes, Connections, Plans, Partying, and More Amazing People.Collapse )

Monday: Nudity, Sex, Toys, The Trip Home, and Guyanan Or Guyanese, She's Still HotCollapse )

So all in all, in the words of Chris Troy: "This con was GOD-TIER".

Thanks to all the people who made it so amazing, including my fellow staff (who'll never see this, probably), the kickass VAs I got "stuck" next to for hours (likewise), the random people I met who I hopefully will at least see again in a few months, Dar, Dani, Sarah, Laura, Eric, Liz, Val, Patti, Josh, Gongo, Rob, Alanna, JJ, Alli, Cat, Paul, Jamie, Mike, Adam, Carlo, Ezra, Alex, Jessica, Keith, Chris, Trin, Ana, Greg, Erik, Kat, Chris, Carrie, Ray, Pete, Drew, Liz, Luminal, and anyone else who I might have forgotten due to name overload.

There's a reason I make it a point to go all the way down to VA every fall, even if it means attending a convention on the same weekend my girlfriend is at another one. It's not the setting or the programming or anything like that. It's the people. And all of you kick so much ass, it's amazing. Much love to all of you. (especially the blondes, since I've also nicknamed this "Hot Blonde Con", so you get added love. :P)
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AUSA Request

Hey, just wondering: If anyone out there reading this that's going to AUSA has Spirit Gum (and remover) that I can borrow for bit at the con, could you please let me know? I'm thinking of bringing down a hilariously oversized white mustache and need some way to keep it on my face that doesn't involve heavy-duty glue. Thankee kindly.

Concert = WIN

So our choir concert was today. I had two solos, one being a verse from the Old Hundredth, which was our opening song and one being a few parts of "Lead Me, Lord". Nailed those two and then joined the rest of the choir (which is a trek... go out the back of church, walk around to the front, then climb the 30-35 feet up to the loft. During one song, and without getting winded at all so you can sing the next song) for the rest of the show. Everyone sounded great. And yes, I broke out "THE SUIT". Complete with shades beforehand. And I'm rocking the chromedome once more. Look good, feel good, sound good, life's good. Anyway, we did a few hymns from the front at the end with the congregation joining in singing. Last one was "Let There Be Peace On Earth", possibly one of the best songs for my voice, because the most powerful section is right where my voice is most powerful too. Turned the power up to about 8.5-9 and had myself a game of "Jim Versus The Giant Pipe Organ." Apparently, I won, because the other organist, who was standing in the choir loft next to the organ said he could clearly hear me. Go me. Managed to keep the power up without forcing it at all.

Got a LOT of compliments on my singing from a lot of various people, including two close family friends who hadn't heard me sing in a long time and were impressed, and a former choir director who really enjoyed hearing me as well. Even the people who've been there for years and the priests were impressed. I don't get a chance to really open up the pipes that often, so I made sure to make the most of it.

Amusing anecdote: I'm walking around in the back at like 3:58 and I'm like "No big deal, no nerves, no problem." The other main soloist, who is a music major and has done concerts at various churches here in town is a bundle of nerves. She even told me she takes pills beforehand to calm down because she gets so nervous. She was stunned that I'm wandering around and being all calm. Hell, I was even caffeinated, so I was worked up a bit, and I was still about 10x more cool and collected. Yes, I'm stroking my ego, deal with it. :P

Mom taped it, but I swear the tape recorder makes everything sound like it's wavering. We'll see.

Got home, turned on the race and saw that Jimmie Johnson's "nearly insurmountable lead" had a huge chunk taken out of it. Crashed on lap 3, ended up in 38th after huge amounts of work on the car were needed to just make it run. Mark Martin, on the other hand, finished 4th. Lead's down to 73 now.

Also, Shaz-Bagl (my fantasy football team) is rocking this week. Looks like I'm making a late charge and might be getting my 3rd "Weekly High Score" award.

Now just taking it easy, preparing for the service on Tuesday (another couple of solos then as well), and then looking forward to AUSA. Can't wait to see so many of my friends that weekend. Only wish Shelly could be there too (she'll be at AAC that weekend).

And now, time for VGZ!
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This WAS Halloween....

So yeah, Halloween was fun at my cousin's place. Well, except for twisting my ankle when I was taking the kids trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. It still hurts now. Bah. But fun was had, food was eaten, and all was good.

Watched ND pummel WSU, USC lose to Oregon (if you listen closely, I'll bet you can STILL hear Colin Cowherd crying), and the Yanks beat the Phillies (and it looks like the teams remembered to bring their REAL bats for this game finally). Tomorrow is Giants-Eagles, Favre Bowl, Talledega (I can't believe I'm praying for Johnson to crash), and Game 4. And of course, VGZ at 10 PM.


And lastly, there's this convention in June. It's called AnimeNEXT. It'll be June 18-20 of 2010. It'll also be at the Garden State Exhibit Center (along with the Doubletree and the 300 Building) again. Since it's Thanksgiving month, and I am He-Who-Gives-You-Badges-For-Money, I've made a decision. I've decided that I can give Thanks for you Giving us your money and you can give us Thanks for Giving you another weekend where you can dress up like weird characters...
fangirl over yaoi...
spend more money on random stuff in 3 days than you would on food for a month...
dub hentai...
watch hentai...
look sexy in hot costumes...
proclaim your love for a certain bald guy
have fun and be awesome.

And in order to do that, we're officially opening pre-registration. You can go to in order to pre-register. It's $37.50 for the rest of 2009. If you want to do mail-in or group pre-reg, we'll have those forms up on the website soon.

Alright, time for Jim to head to bed. Come to ANext. You know you want to. :D

Reminiscing and Recovering

I apologize for the length of this and for not lj-cutting it, but if you're on here, then I most probably want you to read this. Especially those of you I know from/through DDR. Thank you.

Geezers' Tourney was at the Break this Saturday. It was great to see so many people i haven't seen in so long. I think the biggest surprise of the entire time was that New York seemed to have more people there than New Jersey. Everything seemed to go well, everyone hung out and talked to people and any drama or issues were put away for a day.

I decided for the freestyle tournament that I would remake my old Dynamite Rave routine. Which I did. Unfortunately, I choked and forgot a chunk near the beginning and scrambled from then on. There were some changes to whole setup, but it's okay. Things happen, and I'm fine. I did happen to crack the back of my head open on the pads, however. Right before failing. Took a really hard hit, but I'm fine. I'll probably show off the thing this weekend.

I'll admit, I was really upset for a while afterwards. Because I had failed at my performance. I didn't care about winning or anything. I just wanted to put on a good show and I didn't do that. At least by my standards. Irony: I went over the routine a little later that night and remembered EVERYTHING perfectly.

I did make a promise that I would perform the routine once before I was "done" (whatever that means). Since I failed, I guess I still have a bit left in me. So it'll come back out sometime. I do want to get the routine on video, though. Especially after the whole debacle that happened with the video the first time I did the routine.

A lot of people said some really great things to me this weekend, on here and in person. It really made me realize that I've done a hell of a lot where "that stupid dancing game" is involved. I had someone who I really respect as a performer refer to me as a "legend", I had people tell me about songs and routines they associate with me, I had friends watching old freestyles I'd done... it really does mean a lot. And while most of the time I've just shrugged the compliments off, I do want to at least say thank you once more. It really does mean a lot to me to know that I've been held in such esteem by my peers.

Now the freestyle competition scene around here is basically dead. The last competition I knew of was at the last Digital Life a couple years ago. Most of the people who used to compete don't play that much, or even at all. Life has gone on. And that's the way things always go. But still, if the opportunity is there, I wouldn't mind giving it another try someday. After all, there's still a lot of ideas that I've never even TOUCHED yet that still are in my head. Kind Lady, Do It Right, Sync, Pick Me Up And Tango... and that's just off the top of my head. So it'll happen again. I don't know if I'll see another tournament, but if I don't, I've had a good run. I've literally won thousands of dollars in cash and prizes from this game, with events like Hagerstown, DexCon, the Break, Adventure Games, CSA, etc. all contributing. I've met so many people all over the country due to it. Hell, DDR is the reason I've been to E3 twice and why I got to compete ON STAGE in an actual dance competition at Konami's booth one year. It's what got me to go to Otakon, and by extension a slew of other conventions. It's what led to me meeting my friends in the cosplay community, and indirectly how I met Shelly. So unlike some people, I'm not going to turn my back on the whole thing and walk away and disavow all knowledge of ever competing. Dammit, I'm Jim The Fly, and I always will be.

So to all the people and all the places and all the events that have combined to make these last 8+ years of competing so fun: THANK YOU. It's been one hell of a time.

... and it's not over yet. Not until I can't do it anymore.
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Bring it back old school.

So I'm about to leave for the Break for a DDR tournament. And I'm entering Freestyle. First time in over 3 years. It's supposed to be a tournament for the old-school people from the Break. There's gonna be a lot of people who haven't seen each other in a long time, and it's gonna be pretty fun, I'd say.

As for me, I made a statement to someone a few years ago that there was one more routine I needed to do. Or more accurately, that I needed to do AGAIN.

It's been 8 years. Time to bring the beginning back around. Broadway City style.

Damn right.
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WTF LJ Slowdown...

For some strange reason, the only site that tends to slow the crap out of my computer is LiveJournal. It makes Firefox lock up for a few seconds before it allows me to do anything. And it does this for just about every page on the site. It's been having this issue since I got rid of the infection the laptop got a week or so ago.

LJ run uncommonly slow for anyone else out there?
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