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So yeah, NH and Anime Boston...

I'll bullet-point things for the ADD crowd. :P

- Finally exposed to The Lonely Planet. Frightening how I knew how things went without ever hearing them.
- Spent a few days up at Shawna and Martine's. Much fun and craziness had. Complete with the squirrel in a wheelchair in a leotard. I also have an urge to crash many vehicles now.
- Actually started putting together a new costume: Tempou from Saiyuki Gaiden. Used some new stuff I learned to see how I could do improve my overall ability. My knowledge level has now increased.
- Got to Boston and was the the room lynchpin since I knew everyone in the room personally. Was me, Shelly, dr_teng, animeangel, blindkijin, uberasriel, electrumicity.
- Hotel charging $9.99/day/laptop for internet. Oh hell no. Hynes having free wi-fi? Oh hell yes.
- Didn't do that much work at the ANext table, and I feel bad about that.
- I have an Otakon AB badge. It's funny being listed as working for a convention I'm not even attending this year.
- Kept checking reg as I passed by. Never got to see Jackie, though. Was going to just gesture to the empty room and go "WTF???? YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY DOING SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!!" :P <3
- Dance on Friday was crappy. Main DJ was all happy hardcore and nothing else. Side DJ got funky and mixed shit around and was MUCH more enjoyable.
- Saturday dance had a waiting line. Holy crap. Didn't spend much time there, but enjoyed the band. Liked the varying musics. Oh, and I pwned what apparently was the only circle in the room. Left at around midnight for a pee break, saw the line, went up the room for a drink and to call Shelly and ran into Drew, Mikhail, Krissy, Ian, etc. Ended up getting a Shelly and hanging with them and a few others all night.
- Managed to increase my skill at drink mixing. Gatorade + Hpnotiq + Cuervo Silver + Strawberry Powerade =..... ORANGE???? Also snagged a mixer from Chili's so I can make some stuff in the future.
- Shelly and I (mainly) managed to polish off a bottle of Hpnotiq and a bottle of Cuervo Silver over the weekend. My tolerance was at a rather high level, apparently.
- There were a lot of people that I either didn't see or only saw in passing maybe once. With the exception of the ANext/Otakon people, my roomies, and Shawna/Martine/Renee/Diane, I think I saw Rob more than anyone else except for those in Drew's room, and I didn't see much of him.
- Grabbed 3 more FF figures: Diabolos, Yojimbo, and Odin. Will made me hope for a future set to have one underloved summon: Alexander. Oh, and I'm gonna probably be getting an Unholy Kefka soon.
- Went to a couple of panels and wrote up some stuff on them. Will be touching up the reports and putting them on the VGZ site this week, hopefully.

oh, and last but not least:

So there was a Rock Band tournament. Basically a freestyle tournament. Made a band online with a group of 3 who needed a singer. Those 3 never showed up, apparently. Ran into a group of 3 free agents at the tourney who were a drummer, a bassist, and a lead guitar. Used the song my original band was going to do: "Dani California". Got nervous after SIX STRAIGHT BANDS FAILED at one point. Apparently had some pics taken during the song. Maybe some video too. Was one of 3 bands to qualify for the finals. And lost my drummer and bassist due to things running long. So we were able to take two of the guys from other bands. This basically means I had EIGHT different bandmates inside of 2 hours. Had to pick out of a list of 6 songs:

"Roam" - B-52s
"Tangled Up In Blue" - Bob Dylan
"Hysteria" - Muse
"Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden
"That's What You Get" - Paramore
"Give It All" - Rise Against

First band took Hysteria. 2nd band took Roam... and then we found out IT WASN'T ON THE SYSTEM. So they got Reptilia instead. What did that leave me? No contest: "That's What You Get" Yup, the baritone having to sing a song from a female lead. What happened?


That's right. We won. My prize: A free custom Rock Band 6" figurine from Rockband.com. I'll be working on it once I get contacted. And honestly, just the fact that I could FINALLY take a microphone and play it up and perform in front of a crowd was great. Been wanting to be part of a band for... oh what, 20 years? 25? But I'm always told that my voice "isn't want we're looking for." THIS IS THE PART WHERE JIM LAUGHS AT THEM METAPHORICALLY!!!!! (And if you can't handle me taking my ego for a short walk, too bad. :P)

When the figure gets made and sent here, I'll get pics. Also, if I find pics or video from my performances, I'll post/link.

But for now, I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep I think. G'night all!
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