JTF.com (jimthefly) wrote,

Recap and remix...

ANext has come and gone. Saw some good, some bad.

+ Any weekend with a Shelly around is auto-win.
+ I think a certain person who throws up at facial hair on girls might've had to pay for a second badge after having lost one.
+ Our. Department. Rocked. Team Reg All-Stars FTW!
+ "1....2..." "No... NO!!! NO!!!!!!" "3!!!" *splash* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
+ Bruno x Germant photoshoot. VERY FTW.
+ I have the best damn badge ever. Next year, that's going to be my "official" badge. Seriously.
+ The more Punch-Out! I play, the more I love it.
+ Atari 2600. OH HELL YES. If this happens next year, I'm bringing my collection.
+ Painkiller. Man-Up Juice. Shelly growing a penis. Cracker. BTW, Ray (Cyn) needs to have Vistah's "F*** THIS CON!!!!" video sent to him.
+ Screw Konami... EVERYONE will sue. Oh, and Deliciously Delectable (R) Cookies.
+ Vistah once again managing to pull off the epic after the con is over.
+ Figuring out how to take my databases and pull searches for pre-regged people out of my ass.
+ Picking up Brigg's book in the Artist Alley. Yes, DDR peoples. Brigg has written a book. And so far, so good. I'm putting my new Scott Adams and Weis & Hickman books on the back burner until I finish his.

- Having one of the staff members bitch at me for asking him a question PERTAINING TO MY DEPARTMENT, and then bitching about me while I'm only a few feet away.
- No Internet in the GSEC or Doubletree that we could use.
- The shelves for one manga dealer collapsing and the books tumbling onto the floor about 45 minutes before the Dealer's Room opened... and then apparently straining one of my hamstrings (or some similarly located muscle) while helping to pick all of them up.
- Staying in the Holiday Inn, which meant a longer walk than one would think for a place right across the street.
- Rain during those walks.
- Idiots clogging the bridge that was between the GSEC and the Doubletree (it was a chokepoint... the bridge was half the width of the rest of the path) and then bitching at people who would ask them to move.
- Not getting to check out the tabletop area until Sunday morning when the whole place was almost dead.
- Being told at Anime Boston that one of the vendors was going to have a Kefka figurine at ANext, and then finding out that they didn't have one here.
- Working in one building, food being in another.
- Only being at the rave for a little while and ending up missing Eric's set at the end of the night.
- People at the rave being idiots: Caught one guy smoking in the middle of the floor, had one hit me while stringing (and if he hadn't hit me in the hand, he would've hit Shelly in the FACE) who then proceeded to try to take the glowsticks out of my hand, seeing Nick apparently get smacked in the face by a stringer, and then seeing a conga line almost stomp on the head of someone who had fallen on the ground.
- Still not having my flash drive back. Yet. But that'll be fixed soon enough.

Also have a few titles for if I had done individual day recaps. Can't remember Sunday's yet but Friday's is "RECTAL TIGER UPPERCUT!!!" and Saturday's is "I LOVE THIS HOLE!!!!"

Thanks to all my friends, both old and new, who ended up making the weekend so much fun, and especially to everyone in my department: Sung, Shelly, Mark, Izzy, Cindy, Dave, Bill, Mitch, Andrew, Tiki and Ronde</i> Chris and Steven, Eugene and his crew, Michael, Dave, James, and everyone else who I've either forgotten to list here or whose names I didn't learn/can't remember. And just remember... only 50 or so weeks until we do this all again! :P
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