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Advance Planning

So I'm not going to Otakon. I've known this for a while now. I figure my trip to Florida is more important. Plus the place is already paid for both weeks. 2 weeks on Florida coast vs 4 days in Baltimore. Florida wins.

However, AUSA is a very probable next con. Might even be interested in working it again, since I really enjoyed doing so last year.

After listening to some stuff and thinking about it, I've decided on the cosplay I want to do for AUSA. It's something I once joked that I would do and rethought it after some recent events. However, I've got a couple of things that would lead to me being perfect for the character, both external and internal.

I don't want to mention it quite yet, although you might be able to guess. We'll see. Here's a hint though: It has NOTHING to do with anime, manga, or anything Japanese. It's just THAT EPIC, however. :D

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