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Yay elves and pirates and panthers and stuff!

So finally I've been able to find a copy of The Pirate King in somewhere. Borders in Watchung has it. I'll be leaving in a few to take the trip out there and finally pick the damn book up. I can't believe it took so long to find it. I saw it in B&N back in December and didn't get it then for personal reasons, and then I haven't seen it since in any book store. :-\

So let's see, it's about 350 pages, hardcover.... anyone want to place bets as to when I'll have the thing done? Take note: I've been obsessing on Power Pros 2008 and Puzzle Pirates for a while now.

And check out the newly-redone VideoGameZombies site for some new stories, including a few from our newest writers. I should have another one ready to go up there tonight, and possibly a little poll question for on here/FB/Twitter/whatever later.
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