JTF.com (jimthefly) wrote,

So yeah... pirates.

Went to Borders. Got The Pirate King. No, it's not about Luffy. :P The back cover reminded me that Forgotten Realms has one of the best terms for a person from a given geographical location: Waterdhavian. It's a person from Waterdeep.

I wanted to get Jimmy The Hand as well, but it didn't appear to be in. The Borders computer search does tend to annoy me with the "Likely In Store" listing. It's like "It might be there, but if it's not, oh well." I say this because it just seems strange that 2 of the 30 Barnes & Noble stores nearest Bayonne would have a book, but ALL of the 20 closest Borders would. Oh well, if I don't get it by Florida, there's always the store on Sunrise Ave. and the Intracoastal.

One thing that I did get reminded about which makes Florida another notch more epic: 2-story 2 bedroom townhouse condo with private beachfront: about $80/day. We also have a 1-bedroom place with a HUGE king-size bed, a full kitchen, and a good-sized LR/DR area which has a balcony looking southeast over the ocean. One of these years I'm going to get people to come down to join me, and that place is always available for any of my friends... as long as they let us know first.

The "Service Engine Soon" light has been going on and off in our car. It's gone on the last two Sundays and off on Monday. We had it checked out last week by a local mechanic and the code that came out of the computer... was one that a Saturn shouldn't be able to give. Weird. Mom called Saturn today and eventually got through. The Saturn dealer in Jersey City was sold and now there's a Subaru dealer there, but they've got all of Saturn's old equipment. If we get the light going on again, we can take it into Subaru to have them check it to see what the problem is, but they wouldn't be able to fix it, since they're only allowed to work on Saturns still under warranty. Seeing as our car is 11 years old, I don't think that would mean us. :P Thing is, they have to check it with the light still on. My money is on something minor and meaningless. I personally would love to have some way to just disconnect that light, since it makes mom panic every time she sees it.

Of course, I don't recall that light coming on when my entire transmission died about 5 years ago, so WTF. (I could be mistaken... you recall it, Steve?)

Oh well... anyway, time to post more VGZ stuff. And then probably game for a while.

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