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Aches, Pains, and Brains

Well, yesterday was nicely epic. Church was kind of a downer, but that was because they haven't changed around the schedule at St. Joseph so St. Michael (which I went to) didn't have music. Bah. Got home, watched the British Open, which I think might've been the most amazing golf event I've ever seen. Although Watson didn't win, I think that when you consider that over 4 rounds of golf, no player beat him, and only one tied him.

So in the afternoon, I finally got my chance to head up to Lincoln Park in J.C. for some volleyball. A lot of volleyball. Hours and hours of it. I'm aching like hell now, but it was SO damn fun. More this coming Sunday, hopefully.

Hung out with a friend and a number of his friends at this one girl's house. We watched some of the EVO2009 feed and then played Cranium. FINALLY. I've had the game for probably 5 years, maybe more, and haven't been able to play it. We played in 2-person teams and I got a perfect teammate. We totally rocked the game. XD!

BTW, I had to leave just as it got good, but I'm sure someone out there knows this: Who won the final match of the SFIV tourney: Daigo or JWong? We had to leave just after Wong handed Daigo his first loss, so the only match we missed was the last one of the tourney.

One other thing: I'd love to have a Game Night here at the house sometime. I've got a lot of kickass games that are just getting no use because you can't really play them with just 2 people. Who'd be up for some?
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