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Tech/Video question...

Okay, so I know there's at least a few of you out there who know your equipments and your cables and your hookups and whatnot. I'm hoping to get a nice happy answer to this situation:

I want to take my PS2 and my Wii on vacation next month. However, I'd like to bring my 17" flat-panel PC monitor and not my 14" probably-older-than-you Commodore CRT monitor, just for space considerations. I've got the standard RCA composite hookup (yellow/white/red) with the two consoles, and the flat-panel only has a VGA input. I'd like some way to connect my consoles to my monitor without breaking my wallet to pieces in the process.

Can anyone out there PLEASE help me with this? I tried looking some stuff up and I got a slew of varying answers that only served to confuse me, especially since a number of them contradicted each other.
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