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Concert = WIN

So our choir concert was today. I had two solos, one being a verse from the Old Hundredth, which was our opening song and one being a few parts of "Lead Me, Lord". Nailed those two and then joined the rest of the choir (which is a trek... go out the back of church, walk around to the front, then climb the 30-35 feet up to the loft. During one song, and without getting winded at all so you can sing the next song) for the rest of the show. Everyone sounded great. And yes, I broke out "THE SUIT". Complete with shades beforehand. And I'm rocking the chromedome once more. Look good, feel good, sound good, life's good. Anyway, we did a few hymns from the front at the end with the congregation joining in singing. Last one was "Let There Be Peace On Earth", possibly one of the best songs for my voice, because the most powerful section is right where my voice is most powerful too. Turned the power up to about 8.5-9 and had myself a game of "Jim Versus The Giant Pipe Organ." Apparently, I won, because the other organist, who was standing in the choir loft next to the organ said he could clearly hear me. Go me. Managed to keep the power up without forcing it at all.

Got a LOT of compliments on my singing from a lot of various people, including two close family friends who hadn't heard me sing in a long time and were impressed, and a former choir director who really enjoyed hearing me as well. Even the people who've been there for years and the priests were impressed. I don't get a chance to really open up the pipes that often, so I made sure to make the most of it.

Amusing anecdote: I'm walking around in the back at like 3:58 and I'm like "No big deal, no nerves, no problem." The other main soloist, who is a music major and has done concerts at various churches here in town is a bundle of nerves. She even told me she takes pills beforehand to calm down because she gets so nervous. She was stunned that I'm wandering around and being all calm. Hell, I was even caffeinated, so I was worked up a bit, and I was still about 10x more cool and collected. Yes, I'm stroking my ego, deal with it. :P

Mom taped it, but I swear the tape recorder makes everything sound like it's wavering. We'll see.

Got home, turned on the race and saw that Jimmie Johnson's "nearly insurmountable lead" had a huge chunk taken out of it. Crashed on lap 3, ended up in 38th after huge amounts of work on the car were needed to just make it run. Mark Martin, on the other hand, finished 4th. Lead's down to 73 now.

Also, Shaz-Bagl (my fantasy football team) is rocking this week. Looks like I'm making a late charge and might be getting my 3rd "Weekly High Score" award.

Now just taking it easy, preparing for the service on Tuesday (another couple of solos then as well), and then looking forward to AUSA. Can't wait to see so many of my friends that weekend. Only wish Shelly could be there too (she'll be at AAC that weekend).

And now, time for VGZ! http://www.livestream.com/vgzlive

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