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So, for those who were curious what the answers were (and what ones I got right/wrong), I'm posting these now. Enjoy. Or something.

1. World Authors Books by this Algerian-Born Nobel Prize Winner include “The Fall”, “The Rebel”, & “The Stranger”.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Albert Camus

2. Sci-Fi Movies The 2009 film “District 9” dealt with the plight of extraterrestrial refugees in this country.
My answer: South Africa. CORRECT

3. How’s The Weather? Condition characterized by winds above 32 mph & heavy snow.
My answer: Blizzard. CORRECT

4. Strait Ahead 20 miles long & 3-10 miles wide, the strait of this separates Italy from Sicily.
My answer: The Bosphorous. Correct answer: The Strait of Messina.

5. It Was All Yellow This flower of genus Taraxacum has leaves that are used in salads & roots that are made into a coffee-like drink.
My answer: Tarragon. Correct answer: Dandelion

6. Latin American History In 1851 Panama broke away from Spain & became a province of this South American Country.
My answer: Colombia. CORRECT.

7. Memoirs “Decision Points” is a 2010 nonfiction bestseller by this famous American.
My answer: George W. Bush. CORRECT

8. Games One of the world’s oldest games, it’s also known as draughts.
My answer: Checkers. CORRECT

9. Classical Classics This expressionist composer changed modern music with works like “La Mer” & “Clair de Lune”.
My answer: Debussy. CORRECT

10. Religion You’ll find this Iranian religion named for its founder in the last few pages of your dictionary.
My answer: Zionism. Correct answer: Zoroastrianism.

11. Word Up Appropriately, this word comes from Greek words meaning “Sharp” and “Dull”.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Oxymoron

12. Canadian Geography Regina is the capital of this province.
My answer: British Columbia. Correct answer: Saskatchewan

13. Musicians’ Nicknames Better known nickname of jazz bandleader Ferdinand Joseph Morton.
My answer: Jelly Roll. CORRECT

14. Modern Novelists He’s the creator of the No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Alexander McCall Smith

15. British Royalty Born in Hanover, the first kind of this name was also the first king from the house of Hanover.
My answer: George. CORRECT

16. The Nobel Prizes It’s the newest of the 6 Nobel Prize categories, having benn first awarded in 1969.
My answer: Physics. Correct answer: Economics

17. Saints First & Last name of the philosopher who wrote “Summa Theologica”. It helps if you know he was born near Aquino.
My answer: Thomas Aquinas. CORRECT

18. Politics On Jan 9, 2011, Nancy Pelosi relinquished this symbolic object to John Boehner.
My answer: Gavel. CORRECT

19. Beastly Expressions In other words, “A deluge of tabbies & telomians”.
My answer: Raining cats and dogs. CORRECT

20. Literary Terms It’s the terms for a stanza or poem containing 4 lines.
My answer: Quatrain. CORRECT

21. Conquerors This Mongol conqueror born in 1163 was said to be descended from a gray wolf.
My answer: Ghengis Khan. CORRECT

22. Foreign Food Terms If you’re being served pommes frites in Paris, you’re about to enjoy this alliterative food.
My answer: French Fries. CORRECT

23. Literature The big 3 founders of ancient Greek tragedy are Aeschylus, Euripides, and him.
My answer: Sophocles. CORRECT

24. Computer Terminology A D-O-S attack, short “Denial of” this, floods a network with requests, denying access to others.
My answer: Service. CORRECT

25. The British Isles In the 17th Cen., Lady Godiva famously rode naked through this central English city.
My answer: London. Correct answer: Coventry.

26. So Very Animated Nancy Cartwright is over 40 years older than this animated boy that she voices.
My answer: Bart Simpson. CORRECT

27. Poets This author created the ancient mariner.
My answer: Coleridge. CORRECT

28. The Final Frontier This 12-ton object rode inside the space shuttle Discovery until released April 24, 1990.
My answer: The Hubble Telescope. CORRECT

29. Fast Food The name of this restaurant means “crazy chicken” in Spanish.
My answer: El Pollo Loco. CORRECT

30. Eras The Luddites were fighting against this “Revolution” that about 1769 in England.
My answer: Industrial. CORRECT

31. The New Testament In a parable, this son is the young man who wastes his fortune but comes back home & repents.
My answer: The Prodigal Son. CORRECT

32. Legendary Rhyme Time Bunyan’s Southern accents.
My answer: Paul's Drawls. CORRECT

33. Americana The Statue of Liberty is holding a poem by this woman.
My answer: Emma Lazarus. CORRECT (Please note, there was a typo in this that I didn't notice when I first posted it. I apologize.)

34. Lord of the Dance He choreographed the films “Sweet Charity”, “Cabaret” & of course, “All That Jazz”.
My answer: Joel Grey. Correct answer: Bob Fosse.

35. 20th Century Novels Stephen Dedalus & Leopold & Molly Bloom are the main characters of this James Joyce work.
My answer: Ulysses. CORRECT

36. Eye on Asia This kingdom of Asia borders Laos, Burma, & Cambodia.
My answer: Thailand. CORRECT

37. The Olympics Before the first Winter Olympics in 1924, this sport was played in the Summer Games. Canada won gold in 1920.
My answer: Ice Hockey. CORRECT

38. Awards The Order of Leopold is the oldest & highest honor given by this country.
My answer: Sweden. Correct answer: Belgium.

39. It’s An Animal, Sucker Gastropods like snails, bivalves like clams & cephalopods like squid are all part of this phylum.

My answer: Mollusks/Mollusca. CORRECT

40. Ancient Places Kathleen Kenyon excavated this town, trying to find out when the Israelites destroyed its walls. My answer: Jericho. CORRECT

41. That’s So Cliché To depart in defeat is to leave “With your tail” here.
My answer: Between your legs. CORRECT

42. U.S. Lakes & Rivers The Williamette River of Oregon flows northward for about 100 miles before emptying into this river.
My answer: The Columbia. CORRECT

43. Ad Men Baltimore’s Ray Lewis appears atop a giant raven in humorous ads for this cologne.
My answer: Old Spice. CORRECT

44. U.S. History In the 1830s, the Creek, Chickasaw, Seminole, Choctaw Indians were forcibly moved to this state.
My answer: Florida. CORRECT

45. Animals in Literature Hazel & Fiver are 2 of the fluffy rabbits in this 1972 Richard Adams novel.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Watership Down.

46. Art Attack Created by Braque & Picasso, this influential art movement of the early 20th Century had an analytic & a synthetic period.
My answer: Cubism. CORRECT

47. Chemistry For the effect it produces, Nitrous Oxide is also called this.
My answer: Laughing gas. CORRECT

48. Actresses She’s the only Swedish-born actress to win 3 Oscars.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Ingrid Bergman.

49. Female Authors “A Room of One’s Own” is a feminist classic from this Brit.
My answer: PASS. Correct answer: Virginia Woolf

50. “M” Words Meaning to put someone into a trance, it comes from the name of a 19th century physician.
My answer: Mesmerize. CORRECT


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