Heading out to go golfing at the local course in a few. Nice place. Par 72, 6600 yards, and I get a cart. :P Might get some pics of the iguanas around there too. Hoping to do well. Anyone care to guess what I might shoot? (before you guess, know that I usually only play on my vacation, so I haven't played in a year)

Time for sunburn and shanks! :P

It's Postcard Time!!!

Alright everyone. I'm leaving for Florida in about.. 5-6 hours. So if you want a postcard, just let me know. Leave your address in the comments (which will be screened) if you want a card from me and I'll do what I can. I won't promise you'll get one (just because if I get a flood of comments, I'm not sure I'm going to want to sit around and write out 50 postcards. :P)

Take care and I'll see you all in a few weeks!

Tech/Video question...

Okay, so I know there's at least a few of you out there who know your equipments and your cables and your hookups and whatnot. I'm hoping to get a nice happy answer to this situation:

I want to take my PS2 and my Wii on vacation next month. However, I'd like to bring my 17" flat-panel PC monitor and not my 14" probably-older-than-you Commodore CRT monitor, just for space considerations. I've got the standard RCA composite hookup (yellow/white/red) with the two consoles, and the flat-panel only has a VGA input. I'd like some way to connect my consoles to my monitor without breaking my wallet to pieces in the process.

Can anyone out there PLEASE help me with this? I tried looking some stuff up and I got a slew of varying answers that only served to confuse me, especially since a number of them contradicted each other.
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Aches, Pains, and Brains

Well, yesterday was nicely epic. Church was kind of a downer, but that was because they haven't changed around the schedule at St. Joseph so St. Michael (which I went to) didn't have music. Bah. Got home, watched the British Open, which I think might've been the most amazing golf event I've ever seen. Although Watson didn't win, I think that when you consider that over 4 rounds of golf, no player beat him, and only one tied him.

So in the afternoon, I finally got my chance to head up to Lincoln Park in J.C. for some volleyball. A lot of volleyball. Hours and hours of it. I'm aching like hell now, but it was SO damn fun. More this coming Sunday, hopefully.

Hung out with a friend and a number of his friends at this one girl's house. We watched some of the EVO2009 feed and then played Cranium. FINALLY. I've had the game for probably 5 years, maybe more, and haven't been able to play it. We played in 2-person teams and I got a perfect teammate. We totally rocked the game. XD!

BTW, I had to leave just as it got good, but I'm sure someone out there knows this: Who won the final match of the SFIV tourney: Daigo or JWong? We had to leave just after Wong handed Daigo his first loss, so the only match we missed was the last one of the tourney.

One other thing: I'd love to have a Game Night here at the house sometime. I've got a lot of kickass games that are just getting no use because you can't really play them with just 2 people. Who'd be up for some?
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So yeah... pirates.

Went to Borders. Got The Pirate King. No, it's not about Luffy. :P The back cover reminded me that Forgotten Realms has one of the best terms for a person from a given geographical location: Waterdhavian. It's a person from Waterdeep.

I wanted to get Jimmy The Hand as well, but it didn't appear to be in. The Borders computer search does tend to annoy me with the "Likely In Store" listing. It's like "It might be there, but if it's not, oh well." I say this because it just seems strange that 2 of the 30 Barnes & Noble stores nearest Bayonne would have a book, but ALL of the 20 closest Borders would. Oh well, if I don't get it by Florida, there's always the store on Sunrise Ave. and the Intracoastal.

One thing that I did get reminded about which makes Florida another notch more epic: 2-story 2 bedroom townhouse condo with private beachfront: about $80/day. We also have a 1-bedroom place with a HUGE king-size bed, a full kitchen, and a good-sized LR/DR area which has a balcony looking southeast over the ocean. One of these years I'm going to get people to come down to join me, and that place is always available for any of my friends... as long as they let us know first.

The "Service Engine Soon" light has been going on and off in our car. It's gone on the last two Sundays and off on Monday. We had it checked out last week by a local mechanic and the code that came out of the computer... was one that a Saturn shouldn't be able to give. Weird. Mom called Saturn today and eventually got through. The Saturn dealer in Jersey City was sold and now there's a Subaru dealer there, but they've got all of Saturn's old equipment. If we get the light going on again, we can take it into Subaru to have them check it to see what the problem is, but they wouldn't be able to fix it, since they're only allowed to work on Saturns still under warranty. Seeing as our car is 11 years old, I don't think that would mean us. :P Thing is, they have to check it with the light still on. My money is on something minor and meaningless. I personally would love to have some way to just disconnect that light, since it makes mom panic every time she sees it.

Of course, I don't recall that light coming on when my entire transmission died about 5 years ago, so WTF. (I could be mistaken... you recall it, Steve?)

Oh well... anyway, time to post more VGZ stuff. And then probably game for a while.


Yay elves and pirates and panthers and stuff!

So finally I've been able to find a copy of The Pirate King in somewhere. Borders in Watchung has it. I'll be leaving in a few to take the trip out there and finally pick the damn book up. I can't believe it took so long to find it. I saw it in B&N back in December and didn't get it then for personal reasons, and then I haven't seen it since in any book store. :-\

So let's see, it's about 350 pages, hardcover.... anyone want to place bets as to when I'll have the thing done? Take note: I've been obsessing on Power Pros 2008 and Puzzle Pirates for a while now.

And check out the newly-redone VideoGameZombies site for some new stories, including a few from our newest writers. I should have another one ready to go up there tonight, and possibly a little poll question for on here/FB/Twitter/whatever later.
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Advance Planning

So I'm not going to Otakon. I've known this for a while now. I figure my trip to Florida is more important. Plus the place is already paid for both weeks. 2 weeks on Florida coast vs 4 days in Baltimore. Florida wins.

However, AUSA is a very probable next con. Might even be interested in working it again, since I really enjoyed doing so last year.

After listening to some stuff and thinking about it, I've decided on the cosplay I want to do for AUSA. It's something I once joked that I would do and rethought it after some recent events. However, I've got a couple of things that would lead to me being perfect for the character, both external and internal.

I don't want to mention it quite yet, although you might be able to guess. We'll see. Here's a hint though: It has NOTHING to do with anime, manga, or anything Japanese. It's just THAT EPIC, however. :D

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So I'm watching ESPN. Or at least I have it on in the background. And I turn and I see... furries? Not mascots. Furries. And then there's a mention of Anthrocon. On ESPN.

As you can imagine my mind is going WTF all over the place.

Oh, and I finally got my Billy Joel songbooks back. Yay!
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Recap and remix...

ANext has come and gone. Saw some good, some bad.

+ Any weekend with a Shelly around is auto-win.
+ I think a certain person who throws up at facial hair on girls might've had to pay for a second badge after having lost one.
+ Our. Department. Rocked. Team Reg All-Stars FTW!
+ "1....2..." "No... NO!!! NO!!!!!!" "3!!!" *splash* "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"
+ Bruno x Germant photoshoot. VERY FTW.
+ I have the best damn badge ever. Next year, that's going to be my "official" badge. Seriously.
+ The more Punch-Out! I play, the more I love it.
+ Atari 2600. OH HELL YES. If this happens next year, I'm bringing my collection.
+ Painkiller. Man-Up Juice. Shelly growing a penis. Cracker. BTW, Ray (Cyn) needs to have Vistah's "F*** THIS CON!!!!" video sent to him.
+ Screw Konami... EVERYONE will sue. Oh, and Deliciously Delectable (R) Cookies.
+ Vistah once again managing to pull off the epic after the con is over.
+ Figuring out how to take my databases and pull searches for pre-regged people out of my ass.
+ Picking up Brigg's book in the Artist Alley. Yes, DDR peoples. Brigg has written a book. And so far, so good. I'm putting my new Scott Adams and Weis & Hickman books on the back burner until I finish his.

- Having one of the staff members bitch at me for asking him a question PERTAINING TO MY DEPARTMENT, and then bitching about me while I'm only a few feet away.
- No Internet in the GSEC or Doubletree that we could use.
- The shelves for one manga dealer collapsing and the books tumbling onto the floor about 45 minutes before the Dealer's Room opened... and then apparently straining one of my hamstrings (or some similarly located muscle) while helping to pick all of them up.
- Staying in the Holiday Inn, which meant a longer walk than one would think for a place right across the street.
- Rain during those walks.
- Idiots clogging the bridge that was between the GSEC and the Doubletree (it was a chokepoint... the bridge was half the width of the rest of the path) and then bitching at people who would ask them to move.
- Not getting to check out the tabletop area until Sunday morning when the whole place was almost dead.
- Being told at Anime Boston that one of the vendors was going to have a Kefka figurine at ANext, and then finding out that they didn't have one here.
- Working in one building, food being in another.
- Only being at the rave for a little while and ending up missing Eric's set at the end of the night.
- People at the rave being idiots: Caught one guy smoking in the middle of the floor, had one hit me while stringing (and if he hadn't hit me in the hand, he would've hit Shelly in the FACE) who then proceeded to try to take the glowsticks out of my hand, seeing Nick apparently get smacked in the face by a stringer, and then seeing a conga line almost stomp on the head of someone who had fallen on the ground.
- Still not having my flash drive back. Yet. But that'll be fixed soon enough.

Also have a few titles for if I had done individual day recaps. Can't remember Sunday's yet but Friday's is "RECTAL TIGER UPPERCUT!!!" and Saturday's is "I LOVE THIS HOLE!!!!"

Thanks to all my friends, both old and new, who ended up making the weekend so much fun, and especially to everyone in my department: Sung, Shelly, Mark, Izzy, Cindy, Dave, Bill, Mitch, Andrew, Tiki and Ronde</i> Chris and Steven, Eugene and his crew, Michael, Dave, James, and everyone else who I've either forgotten to list here or whose names I didn't learn/can't remember. And just remember... only 50 or so weeks until we do this all again! :P

So yeah, NH and Anime Boston...

I'll bullet-point things for the ADD crowd. :P

- Finally exposed to The Lonely Planet. Frightening how I knew how things went without ever hearing them.
- Spent a few days up at Shawna and Martine's. Much fun and craziness had. Complete with the squirrel in a wheelchair in a leotard. I also have an urge to crash many vehicles now.
- Actually started putting together a new costume: Tempou from Saiyuki Gaiden. Used some new stuff I learned to see how I could do improve my overall ability. My knowledge level has now increased.
- Got to Boston and was the the room lynchpin since I knew everyone in the room personally. Was me, Shelly, dr_teng, animeangel, blindkijin, uberasriel, electrumicity.
- Hotel charging $9.99/day/laptop for internet. Oh hell no. Hynes having free wi-fi? Oh hell yes.
- Didn't do that much work at the ANext table, and I feel bad about that.
- I have an Otakon AB badge. It's funny being listed as working for a convention I'm not even attending this year.
- Kept checking reg as I passed by. Never got to see Jackie, though. Was going to just gesture to the empty room and go "WTF???? YOU'RE OBVIOUSLY DOING SOMETHING WRONG HERE!!!!" :P <3
- Dance on Friday was crappy. Main DJ was all happy hardcore and nothing else. Side DJ got funky and mixed shit around and was MUCH more enjoyable.
- Saturday dance had a waiting line. Holy crap. Didn't spend much time there, but enjoyed the band. Liked the varying musics. Oh, and I pwned what apparently was the only circle in the room. Left at around midnight for a pee break, saw the line, went up the room for a drink and to call Shelly and ran into Drew, Mikhail, Krissy, Ian, etc. Ended up getting a Shelly and hanging with them and a few others all night.
- Managed to increase my skill at drink mixing. Gatorade + Hpnotiq + Cuervo Silver + Strawberry Powerade =..... ORANGE???? Also snagged a mixer from Chili's so I can make some stuff in the future.
- Shelly and I (mainly) managed to polish off a bottle of Hpnotiq and a bottle of Cuervo Silver over the weekend. My tolerance was at a rather high level, apparently.
- There were a lot of people that I either didn't see or only saw in passing maybe once. With the exception of the ANext/Otakon people, my roomies, and Shawna/Martine/Renee/Diane, I think I saw Rob more than anyone else except for those in Drew's room, and I didn't see much of him.
- Grabbed 3 more FF figures: Diabolos, Yojimbo, and Odin. Will made me hope for a future set to have one underloved summon: Alexander. Oh, and I'm gonna probably be getting an Unholy Kefka soon.
- Went to a couple of panels and wrote up some stuff on them. Will be touching up the reports and putting them on the VGZ site this week, hopefully.

oh, and last but not least:

So there was a Rock Band tournament. Basically a freestyle tournament. Made a band online with a group of 3 who needed a singer. Those 3 never showed up, apparently. Ran into a group of 3 free agents at the tourney who were a drummer, a bassist, and a lead guitar. Used the song my original band was going to do: "Dani California". Got nervous after SIX STRAIGHT BANDS FAILED at one point. Apparently had some pics taken during the song. Maybe some video too. Was one of 3 bands to qualify for the finals. And lost my drummer and bassist due to things running long. So we were able to take two of the guys from other bands. This basically means I had EIGHT different bandmates inside of 2 hours. Had to pick out of a list of 6 songs:

"Roam" - B-52s
"Tangled Up In Blue" - Bob Dylan
"Hysteria" - Muse
"Black Hole Sun" - Soundgarden
"That's What You Get" - Paramore
"Give It All" - Rise Against

First band took Hysteria. 2nd band took Roam... and then we found out IT WASN'T ON THE SYSTEM. So they got Reptilia instead. What did that leave me? No contest: "That's What You Get" Yup, the baritone having to sing a song from a female lead. What happened?


That's right. We won. My prize: A free custom Rock Band 6" figurine from I'll be working on it once I get contacted. And honestly, just the fact that I could FINALLY take a microphone and play it up and perform in front of a crowd was great. Been wanting to be part of a band for... oh what, 20 years? 25? But I'm always told that my voice "isn't want we're looking for." THIS IS THE PART WHERE JIM LAUGHS AT THEM METAPHORICALLY!!!!! (And if you can't handle me taking my ego for a short walk, too bad. :P)

When the figure gets made and sent here, I'll get pics. Also, if I find pics or video from my performances, I'll post/link.

But for now, I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep I think. G'night all!
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